Weird shit.

I was outside by myself talking to myself and I said “why do these things happen to me” and “why do bad things happen to me”
I walked inside and this elderly lady does a 180 degree turn to face me and grabs my arm!
She hands me an invitation to a Jehovah’s Witness ceremony and she says to me “you wonder why bad things happen to you and all these things happen to you…come to the ceremony on Monday and you find the answer”
…WTF Just happened how did she know what to say…there was no one around me…. This is some black magic who-do voodoo shit haha


The person who tries to keep everyone happy


The person who tries to keep everyone happy


audrey parker, 3.04-3.06


make me choose  anonymous asked: oliver queen or john diggle


Spot On!!
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who is on your team, captain?



They all have the same whip-turn expression its perfect’

Zombie Hand Pointer